I am flexible on many of the prices especially when you are interested in more than 1 item. If you are interested in only one item and the current price is less than $10 with so-called free shipping, I don't have much to work with. By the time I pay for selling fees, PayPal fees, and shipping fees, I'm not left with much to work with. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing multiple items. Tell me which items you are interested in and what price you are willing to pay.
Yes. I'm currently offering a 10% discount on merchandise totaling $25 or more. NOTE: The discount applies only to the actual item price, not including shipping. Example 1: You added 3 CD's to your cart and each CD is $9.98 with free shipping, you should receive a 10% discount on the total. Example 2: You added 2 books to your cart and each book is $11.99 plus shipping charges, you will still need to add something else with a price of at least $1.02 to get to the $25 needed.